Vice-Premier Kaladze: Rustavi 2 is a machine built on lies

Photo: დიმა ჩიკვაიძე / ტაბულა

Vice Premier and Energy Minister of Georgia Kakha Kaladze has declared that "Rustavi 2 is deliberately propagating lies," Kakha Kaladze was speaking to journalists after the cabinet meeting on 16 July. He was commenting on a possible increase in electricity tariffs and blamed Rustavi 2 TV company for "spreading lies." According to him, "Rustavi 2 is a machine built on lies, which has developed into such during years and was used perfectly well by the former government."

As the Energy Minister said, "yesterday [15 July] I had a conversation with the chairman of the Georgia National Energy Regulatory Commission; the revision of electricity tariff is underway. Yesterday, we saw a targeted campaign - especially by Rustavi 2 TV channel - that the tariff will increase. This is the lie."

Kakha Kaladze urged the population of Georgia "not to trust those deceiving statements which Rustavi 2 made yesterday. The tariff will not change. The tariff which was reduced after we [Georgian Dream] came to power, will be maintained."

The development of a new methodology for calculating tariffs in the energy sector has been completed. On 15 July, Deputy Energy Minister Marika Valishvili said that the new methodology introduces a higher degree of fairness. To a question whether the new methodology will affect the electricity tariff, Valishvili replied that "the tariff will not experience a significant change, however, for the sake of optimization, certain components in the tariff may increase." As the Deputy Energy Minister noted, "the electricity tariff has actually not been revised over the period of past few years."

Also on 15 July, Nikolay Nikolov, the General Director of Energo-Pro Georgia, said that "within the boundaries of given investments, the tariff must increase by one tetri or half a tetri." However, shortly thereafter, Energo-Pro Georgia released a special statement saying that the revision of tariff does not necessarily mean the increase in tariff.


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