Tbilisi mayor-elect: Who dislike my qualification may leave right away


"Those who do not like my qualification and do not intend to work with me, may tender resignations right away and leave [their jobs at Tbilisi Mayor's Office]," Tbilisi mayor-elect Davit Narmania said on Imedi TV talk show on 15 July. According to him, qualified people will retain their jobs in Tbilisi Mayor's Office.

"When talking about personality and qualification of others, everyone needs to look at themselves first. Whose qualification do they dislike? Of a person who has prepared numerous studies, including on self-governance issues; who, in due time, drew up a program budget in Tbilisi; who defended his thesis on the self-governance issues; who was a member of cabinet and worked in the government for a year and a half in such a manner that no questions have been raised in his regard? I will not engage in praising myself. The choice was made by voters and those who are against that, i.e. go against the tide, are free to make a choice," Narmania said.

Davit Narmania won the mayoral race in Tbilisi in the second round of local elections held on 12 July.


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