Saakashvili: bitterness of oligarch with inferiority complex coincided with Russia's interests


The instincts and bitterness of one oligarch with inferiority complex has coincided with the interests of the main player – Russia, former President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili told Rustavi 2 TV station on 30 July. Speaking from Budapest, Saakashvili said the charges filed against him by the Chief Prosecutor's office were "ungrounded, unfair and ridiculous."

"Only Russians are happy to restrict my movement, because they are annoyed by my travel to Ukraine, or here. How can they restrict my movement, you can see today I am here, in the main country of Europe, with its leader, and I go to much more places than the head of the current government, and they will travel even less against the background of what they are doing. I will travel and travel for the wellbeing of Georgia, nobody can restrict me," Saakashvili said.

According to the former President, there are only two countries he cannot visit – Russia and Georgia. "In case of Georgia it is very sad, because, after all, I have my son in Georgia, I miss my son and my entire family, but, despite this, we will resist. I miss my country. This is very temporary and we will complete the job we started and you see, I am here and I will travel around the world, how can they restrict me?" the said.

Saakashvili commented on Nino Burjanadze's testimony about 7 November case. "It would have been better to get testimonies from Putin and Medvedev. They would have given the best testimonies. I can give them a long list of people who will give them the testimony about me that they desire," the former President said.

Saakashvili pointed out he does not need to ask for a political asylum, saying he is welcome in any country. "What do I need a political asylum for? You can see I am welcome in every country. I am welcomed very well in the USA, see the reactions of US," the former President said.


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