Cameron calls on NATO to strengthen Georgia's defence capacity


Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron called on the NATO member states to provide "more practical support" to the non-NATO member states and urged the allies to agree on new defence capacity building missions in non-member states, including Georgia.

"While we invest in our forces at home, we should also do more to provide practical support to other countries that need to strengthen their own security. We have learnt in Afghanistan the benefit of supporting a country to build up its forces so that they are better able to protect their own region. In Wales, I would like us to agree on new defence capacity building missions to other parts of the world, for example Georgia or the Middle East," Cameron said in his letter.

Speaking about the expectations at the upcoming Wales summit, PM Cameron stated that the NATO member states should use the summit to agree how NATO should adapt to respond to and deter existing threats, and to ensure the continued collective defence to all its members. David Cameron named deterring Russian aggression as one of the goals.

"6 months into the Russia-Ukraine crisis we must agree on long-term measures to strengthen our ability to respond quickly to any threat, to reassure those allies who fear for their own country's security and to deter any Russian aggression...We should agree specific actions including: a new exercise schedule adapted to the new security environment; the necessary infrastructure; pre-positioning of equipment and supplies; and an enhanced NATO Response Force...We must also review our long term relationship with Russia. While NATO has only ever sought to be a partner to Russia, not a threat, it is clear that Russia views NATO as an adversary. We must accept that the co-operation of recent years is not currently possible because of Russia's own illegal actions in NATO's neighbourhood and revisit the principles that guide our relationship with Russia," Cameron stated.

In his letter the British Prime Minister called on the alliance member states to increase their defence spending.


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