ISFED: Mayor's Office Fired 155 Employees Between 1 August 7 September

155 employees of the various services under the Tbilisi Mayor's Office have been fired between 1 August – 7 September, Interational Society for Fair Elections and Democracy reported based on the information requested from the Mayor's Office.
According to the information provided by the Mayor's Office to ISFED, 115 out of the 155 persons left their jobs based on their own statement, the contracts of 32 others had expired, 5 employees received disciplinary sanctions, and 3 employees were fired for “other reasons.”
“The employees who were sacked based on their own statements include heads and deputy heads of departments, as well as main and leading specialists of the City Service, the heads of the City Service apparatus, Mayor's Office apparatus heads, non-staff employees, Mayo's Office Administration head and deputy heads, etc,” ISFED statement reads. According to ISFED, the Mayor's Office did not disclose the identities of the fired persons, except for the names of the former governors of Tbilisi Municipality districts, citing confidentiality of personal information as a reason. ISFED requested the information about the fired employees from the Mayor's Office on 8 September.
Earlier on 12 September, ISFED together with partner organizations released a statement about alleged cases of pressure on the employees of the Tbilisi Mayor's Office to voluntarily leave their posts. “According to the former employees, since August, they, and other colleagues, have been pressured to write statements on leaving their posts voluntarily. As they noted, the heads of the various departments of Mayor's Office and their deputies have been participating in similar illegal actions, as a rule, and claimed that their dismissal was politically motivated. The threats of possible investigation being launched against the employees have also taken place. Thus, it can be assumed that the employers have most definitely left due to the Mayor’sOffice threats and pressure and not due to their personal will. The newly appointed officials are exceeding their powers and acting unlawfully. In accordance with the 169thArticle of the Criminal Code of Georgia, pressuring employees to leave their job by making them write their own personal statement is illegal,” ISFED's statement of 12 September reads.


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