Lawyer: Gogokhia and Chkadua severely beaten up at police station


According to lawyer Giorgi Oniani, Parnaoz Chkadua and Davit Gogokhia, detained during an incident at the Tavizupali Zona office on 30 September, were severely beaten up by police at the temporary detention facility. Oniani said that the head of the Patrol Police Investigation Service threatened Gogokhia with rape. The lawyer demanded the Prosecutor's Office to investigate the incident. 

 The Tavisupali Zona members were detained on charges of group hooliganism. Parnaoz Chkadua is accused of beating up Asaval-Dasavali newspaper journalist, Zaza Davitaia. Another member of Tavisupali Zona, Davit Gogokhia, detained together with Chkadua, is accused of resisting the police and damaging someone else's property. 

 “As soon as I picked up the arrest record and we left, they were told that they had made a mistake by appointing me to the case. Along with that, they physically insulted my clients at the police station. Zumbadze, who turns out to be the head of the investigation department, has told them to take their pants off so that he can show them how raping is really done. I demand the Prosecutor's Office to investigate how the detainees are threatened with rape,” Oniani stated. 

 Member of the Parliamentary minority, Goga Khachidze shared a letter on Facebook, which, according to him, belongs to David Gogokhia. In the letter Gogokhia talks about the physical insults and rape threats. Parnaoz Chkadua and Davit Gogokhia are at the Tbilisi Police Main Department temporary detention facility. 

 Tabula contacted the Ministry of Internal Affairs for a comment. The MIA representative told Tabula that they were going to verify the information about the beating up of the detainees and contact Tabula later. To this time, however, the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ press service is not responding Tabula's calls. 

 The confrontation took place on 30 September at Shartava Street. Asaval-Dasavali journalist Zaza Davitaia was taken to the Ghudushauri Clinic. Two hours following the incident, another confrontation occurred in the Tavisupali Zona Office, where the Tavisupali Taoba activists showed up. During the incident several people were injured, including the Tavisupali Zona leader Koba Khabazi. According to the representatives of the organization, they had warned the law enforcers in advance, but the Tavisupali Taoba members still managed to get into the office. 

 The Taviuspali Taoba members were questioned yesterday. They blame the opponent organization for the injuries. 

 Today at 3 pm, the Asavali-Dasavali journalists are planning to gather around the Tavisupali Zona office to protest the beating of Zaza Davitaia.



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