Crisis in Coalition

PM about Alasania: adventurer, stupid Minister sidelined from govt


According to Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Garibashvili, “realistically, nothing is happening – one adventurer, stupid and ambitious Minister sidelined from the government. Nothing bad has happened.” As he stated in a meeting with the government members, the only minister who “openly lobbied and protected the National Movement,” was former Defense Minister, Irakli Alasania.

Even the businesses are concerned and want to know what might be happening. Obviously, nothing is happening and nothing is going to happen. We are not afraid of ten or even a hundred adventurers like Alasania, and obviously, we will overcome these absurd difficulties very easily. However, what Alasania did in Saakashvili's style raises lots of questions. It’s a pity that on his side are many people who I consider our friends, our companions, and I am convinced of their sincerity. Unfortunately, they’ve been deceived and are now making huge mistakes because they have made a choice between a person and a country. This is their decision and they’re going to go through the huge responsibility that is associated with their mistake. I would like to tell our citizens that we are a strong state, strong nation and our power is exactly in our democracy. Our institutions are working properly and we aren’t going to experience any difficulties in the government or the parliament,” stated Garibashvili and noted that there is no danger of crisis.

We are going to have a firm majority in the parliament, and our government is going to keep working even more effectively. On the other side, it’s not bad that the riddance of the traitors fromour team happened quickly - it’s better for our country and our party. They don’t have any pity for our country and our people, which is upsetting. What they did yesterday is damaging for our country. We’ll need to work intensely for the following two weeks to get rid of any absurd questions, but we will do it.

I would like to address the citizens to calm down, realistically, nothing has happened – one adventurer, stupid and ambitious Minister has been sidelined from the government. Nothing bad has happened. I would like to recall that the only Minister who openly lobbied and protected the National Movement was Irakli Alasania – started from Gigi Ugulava, Bokeria. Thus, for me every question has a response,” stated Garibashvili. 



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