Annexation of Abkhazia

UNM: Let’s put aside differences and protect country from annexation


The United National Movement drafted a resolution concerning the relations between Russian and the occupied Abkhazia, the head of the parliamentary minority group, David Bakradze said at Monday's briefing. According to him, the government should take three important steps in the following days: join the sanctions against Russia, call a  UN Security Council meeting and abolish the Abashidze – Karasin format. Bakradze called on the government to “put aside the differences and disagreements, sit together and draft the strategies, steps, and policy that will help us protect our country from Russian annexation.’’

 “This is the continuation of the policy that first began during the Soviet Union’s by granting autonomy to Abkhazia and Samachablo. Then followed the 90s, provocation of the conflict and ethnic cleansing. The 2008 military occupation came after that, and now, Russia is trying to finally officialize Georgian territories by using legal annexation. The document signed today does not have any justified or juridical power, however, it is crucial from Georgia’s side to take specific steps with which we will stand against the annexation process.

 Unfortunately, despite the clear danger, the Georgian government has done nothing in the recent months and was unprepared for this day. It is crucial in the following days to take specific steps with which we will stand against Russian annexation. We drafted a resolution where we specifically stated the specific steps and policys against Russian annexation. 

 1) Immediately join the sanctions against Russia and get one of the reasons for the sanctions to be the annexation of Georgia. It is not normal for us to ask the West for their assistance when we’re not even joined in their sanctions against Russia.

2) Demand calling a UN Security Council meeting, where annexation will be discussed. Also, set in motion all the levers in every International Organization to prepare lawsuits in international courts.

3) Abolish or freeze for indefinite time the Abashidze- Karasani format, since regular relations with Russia mean that we are adapting to and don’t care about the annexation of Abkhazia.

These steps should be taken in the following days, the document contains other concrete details. We’re demanding and are expecting  the parliament to adopt the above mentioned resolution. Aside from that, we’re addressing the parliamentary majority and every other party which is worried about annexation to put aside our differences and disagreements, sit down together and workon the steps, strategies and policies that will helps us defend our country against annexation. I hope that the government is going to have a thoughtful mind and during this critical period, show patriotism and, along with other interested political powers, take steps to defend our countries territorial integrity,’’ stated David Bakradze. 


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