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The Georgian Electoral Dilemma

The key essence, the very mission of democratic elections as an institution is nothing more than the recognition of legitimacy. Mankind has not yet devised a better solution for the practical enforcement of sovereignty. Consequently, the main definition of any democracy becomes related to the very act of elections themselves, and the securing of legitimacy through political and legal protocols. Regardless of the system through which the election system is enforced, legitimization is, in any...

Constitutional Reform or Walking along a Beaten Path

In early June, an 80-man-strong group of legislators put forward a proposal to amend the Constitution of Georgia. This proposal represents the second time constitutional changes have been initiated since the parliamentary elections of October 2012. The new parliamentary majority already amended the constitution in March to curtail the functions of the president. Back then, legitimate questions arose with regard to the amendments; similar questions concerning the ongoing reformation of the...

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