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Unbelievable Crime Statistics

Shota UtiashviliFormer Director of the Department of Information and Analysis at the Georgian Interior Ministry and a former police captain On 20 June, the interior ministry decided to put an end to the rumors that had been circulating for several months and published the crime statistics. The interior ministry asserts that during the first five months of 2014, as compared to the first five months of 2013, the level of crime fell.Is the data published by the interior ministry trustworthy?...

Why Should Russia Hurry?

What will Russia do to frustrate the signing of the Association Agreement between Georgia and the European Union? Perhaps nothing: it has longer-term plans with regard to Georgia.Why, then, was Russia so rigid in its attempts to thwart Ukraine’s signing of a similar agreement? What is the difference between Georgia and Ukraine?First, Ukraine is more important for Russia. Second, Vladimir Putin knew full well what his deadline with Kiev was before the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius. If...

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