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We often determine our identity according to what we are not, rather than what we are. Even the latter is frequently determined according to ideas about "what we are not." The existence of things from which we can distance ourselves is a necessary condition for the formation of our identity. To this end, it is important that one should find an object for such distancing. This point should not be understood as if such obstacles do not exist in reality and that we need to invent them.Obstacles do...

Prodigal Sons

New generations often get categorized with specific labels. Those born in the 1980s and early 1990s have now reached that age whereby many desire to be materially independent of their parents and live their own lives. Many parents have seen their children leave home in the hope of such a future; however, difficult circumstances have seen many young adults subsequently return to their parents' homes. This pattern has prompted Western countries to dub this cohort the boomerang generation.This...

Ready, Steady, Go!

Society is often fearful about a range of threats. Every individual cares about them, but parents are even more focused on safety because they are not only responsible for themselves, but for their children too. This is absolutely natural. However, as a result, the collocation "happy childhood" has, in time, become somewhat out of touch. Parents control the timetables of their children; every activity is pre-planned and no free time is left – even when it is, it is often placed in the hands of...

La Mala Educación

Even though parents would rarely admit it, they spend most of their time shaping their children. Instead of observing and trying to understand their children, parents put forward demands: "this is the paragon whom you must imitate" and "you must not be like you are." It is no wonder that such paragons often turn out to be the parents themselves. Society perceives such an attitude from parents as something quite natural: it is unclear why this may raise negative emotions. What could be alarming...

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