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John McCain - Georgian Hero

On July 19, U.S. Senator John McCain released a statement announcing he has been diagnosed with a brain tumor cancer after undergoing a surgery to remove a blood clot above his left eye. U.S. lawmakers and politicians including President Donald Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan, and former senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, have publicly offered their support, describing the 80-year old senator as a “fighter,” “warrior,” and “as tough as they come.”...

The Mystery of Georgia’s Marketplace Fires

On the morning of July 10, a fire at a central shopping center in Poti, a port city on Georgia’s Black Sea coast, damaged up to 70 shops, an area of 2,000 square meters.This most recent fire in Poti is one of twelve major fires that have occurred at a shopping center, bazaar, or other marketplaces in Georgia in the past five years.On the evening of July 2, 2017, a fire at Tbilisi’s Eliava Bazaar, a shopping area that predominantly sells auto parts and construction materials,...

The Process of Russia’s Occupation Continues

On July 4, Russian forces moved fences and installed a new “Green Sign” placing the Administrative Boundary Line (ABL) with South Ossetia approximately 10 hectares deeper into Georgian-controlled territory, near the village of Bershueti in the Gori region. By moving the ABL, Russian forces have again disrupted the lives of Georgian citizens - several have been separated from their agricultural lands - and continued Russia’s policy of borderization.In 2013, Russian military...

Patriarch Ilia II’s Plan for Georgia: Five-Year-Old Prince Giorgi Bagrationi

During his Sunday sermon on June 18, Patriarch Ilia II presented the idea of Georgia becoming a constitutional monarchy:"Thank God, we used to be ruled by the king. Today it is common to have a king that reigns, but that does not have the power of ruling the country. This is called a constitutional monarchy and it brings peace to the country… Georgia is one of the oldest countries with one of the oldest cultures. Perhaps we should think about who we were in the past, who we are...

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