Ivanishvili to Rustavi 2: I am ahead of you, I am preventing your lies

Why shall I discuss (the appointment of Davit Usupashvili as a head of the Constitutional Court)? Where is this spreading from? This is not the same. Do not misinterpret everything. Giving an advise does not mean an appointment. These are two different things and you are distorting the question. I am hearing this from you, I do not know anything. Do not try to ask question with an intrigue and then conclude that "look Ivanishvili said that Usupashvili would be a good chair". There is a distortion in the question and a lie. I have not given any advise about appointment of Usupashvili. Hence, now that you are trying to ask me "what kind of chair would he be" and then follow with mumbling, you know well how to do this; then you will say that "see Ivanishvili gave an advise that Usupashvili would be a good chair", "see, Ivanishvili already said that he has selected Usupashvili as a chair".
I am ahead of you, I am preventing your lies. You would have put it this way: "We asked Ivanishvili, if he was selecting Usupashvili or not". No matter what I would answer to your following question put in following way "what kind of chair would Usupashvili be", and if I said "good one", you would say "Ivanishvili gave an advise and Usupashvili is already appointed" - this is how Rustavi 2 would have transmit this. Stop lying and help population to see the reality.





Ivanishvili on the rumors that Usupashvili will be appointed as a Chair of Constitutional Court.
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