Sesiashvili on Chatayev: Court freed him and we washed our hands off it

He was interrogated and unfortunately he did not give any evidence that would allow us to charge him of terrorism. We did not let him go, the Court let him go to Turkey, and we washed our hands of it. He was not declared a terrorist under our government's tenure. He left and we washed our hands, then the ISIS emerged and he joined ISIS. After which the events took place and he was declared terrorist.
Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Security and Defense, Irakli Sesiashvili talks about allegedly one of the organizer of Istanbul Attack - Akhmed Chatayev. Reuters, based on to the Turkish newspaper - Yeni Safak, reported recently that one of the bombers at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport was Russian citizen Akhmed Chateyev. Chatayev had served time in prison in Georgia. Akhmed Chatayev was captured by Georgian authorities in 2012 after the Lapankuri Special Operation and was tried for procuring and storing weapons After the elections in 2012, the new government freed Chatayev on bail and the Prosecutor's Office closed his case. Chatayev soon left for Austria where he obtained refugee status and then joined ISIS. In 2015, US put Chatayev on the international terrorists list.
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