Ivanishvili: Kublashvili, Vashadze and Katsitadze’s Unification Was Natural

Their unification was natural….Davit Gamkrelidze [former leader of New Rights Party] left politics because everyone found out that the New Rights Party was a pseudo-opposition party and in reality it was part of the UNM. The only party like that today is the Labour party, because the UNM still has a lot of compromising material on Shalva Natelashvili [leader of the labour party]. Katsitadze was also a UNM member, thus his union with Giorgi Vashadze [a current MP elected in 2012 from UNM’s electoral list] couldn’t have been more obvious...Saakashvili was always trying to lie to the public, thank god that we found out about this. A number of questions about Burchuladze have been cleared up. His statements compliment those of the UNM.

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