Ivanishvili in Gori: Let the Locals be Proud of Stalin

[in Georgia] people see Stalin as the symbol of the victory over Fascism. I should add a joke here: “There was a contest who would say the best thing about Stalin and the man from Kakheti [Region in Georgia] won. When he got back to his village, fellow village-men inquired, - “What was a thing that helped you win?”. The guy replied, “I said that Stalin was shaking the whole world as half-full wineskin for 20-30 years”. The locals have the pride that Stalin was the symbol of the victory over fascism, let’s not take this away from them and let’s not irritate them too much.

Former Prime Minister of Georgia, Bidzina Ivanishvili speaking during an interview for the GDS programme, “Meetings with Regional Media”.
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