Bokeria: Government Policy made Assassination Attempt Possible

First of all I hope that those hospitalized will get better soon. Secondly, these incidents clearly demonstrate direction Ivanishvili is taking the country in. Incidents like this take us back in time, to a period when things like this were commonplace. People must understand that events like this don’t just affect those directly involved. It's no secret, anyone and everyone knows who Givi Targamadze was at odds with politically -- the State Security Service and its First Deputy Head, Ioseb Gogashvili. Therefore it leads us to suspect them. But until we can draw final conclusions, Ivanishvili and his team already carry the blame, whether or not an individual or an institution is found responsible for this specific act. [Ivanishvili and his team] have been destroying the institutions of this country for four years, using them for violent means. Institutions including the State Security Service have become pawns used to reach political goals. [Government] collaboration with criminals and organized crime led us to this.

Foreign Relations Secretary of the United National Movement, Giga Bokeria on the assassination attempt of Givi Targamadze
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