Khoshtaria: I’ll Keep Fighting to Help Solve People’s Problems

In an unlawful fight the most threatening isn’t the dishonesty of the opponent, but the hopelessness, which might cause you to give up. We shouldn’t put up with that, not even for a second. They have the secret service, but we have people, young people, who are energetic, open minded and positive. They have a lot of money, but we have an idea and the faith in this idea. They are careerist whilst we have a sense of responsibility. That’s exactly why we should concentrate on our main tasks and continue our work with same steadfast nature as before...I wasn’t able to win in Vake and I respect people’s decision. It means I haven’t done enough or I haven’t listened enough, but don’t think for a second that I will ignore the problems that I’ve seen in recent months. I’ll will stand with everyone, whether they voted for me or not. I have said it to voters as well and I’ll repeat it now: I won’t disappear even after this loss and will continue to fight to resolve people’s problems in Vake, Tskneti and Akhaldaba.

Member of United National Movement and majoritarian candidate for the Vake district in the 2016 Parliamentary Elections.
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