Saakashvili: I Know who’s Bargaining with Whom

I’ve been patient for long enough. I know what kind of bargains have been made and who is promising what to whom. I have all the information from many different sources. My responsibility isn’t to make everyone like what I say. My responsibility is to regroup the party and unite it in a way that the party succeeds and becomes victorious.

The people that I am speaking about told us that we would always be defeated. I refuse to accept the logic of losing. To announce our loss would be a part of Ivanishvili’s game. ‘Saakashvili should distance himself from the party’ - this is Ivanishvili’s strategy.  How are you fighting against Ivanishvili, if you’re accepting the rules of his game, that Saakashvili should distance him from the party? Is fighting against Ivanishvili the same as distancing himself from his main enemy and rival? Is this the fight against Ivanishvili? I don’t share this opinion.

Mikheil Saakashvili during a skype meeting with his supporters from Zugdidi.
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