Ugulava: Soviet Inertia Follows Us, They Say the Party and Mean the State

Our country comes from a Soviet tradition, the formula of which was: I’m saying the Party and mean the State, saying the State and [what I mean is] the party. The line between the ruling party and state institutions was erased entirely. This touched the local municipalities and everything - Central National Committee [during the Soviet Union] was first, not the Ministers’ council.

This [Soviet] inertia, unfortunately, follows us until today as well. This inertia hasn’t changed since the 90s. Unfortunately (here I definitely think that this was our problem) - we haven’t set the aim of breaking through this inertia. We’ve achieved the aims that we had set. If we had set this aim, we would have achieved it.

Gigi Ugulava during his speech at the Appellate Court.
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