Saakashvili on Ugulava’s Release: We Should Demand My Unobstructed Arrival

I salute Gigi Ugulava’s release. I’m happy that he will spend Christmas with his friends and family. Gigi hasn’t committed any crime and hasn’t done anything wrong (apart from what he said during the last trial) regarding the issues which were set by Ivanishvili’s prosecutors. Thus, this sentence wasn’t anything else but the personal revenge of an oligarch and a part of his terror campaign. At the same time, I think nobody doubts that such decisions aren’t being made by the prosecutors, lawyers or judges and that we’re dealing with not juridical aspects, but with Ivanishvili’s decisions on arrests and releases. That’s why we should demand an immediate release of all political prisoners and give me an opportunity to return without any obstacles in order to meet my people and participate in the 20 January Convention of the United National Movement.

Former President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili on Gigi Ugulava’s release
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