Bokeria: Most Important not the Whims of the Leader, but What’s Right for the Country

Our country has two interconnected tasks: one is the demolition of Bidzina Ivanishvili’s regime in a democratic way and the second is solving the serious problems that our country is facing. The challenges such as Russia’s aggression; on-going occupation; the economic crisis; unemployment; poverty; rise of crime; the demolition of institutions and of the civic foundation due to Ivanishvili’s policies.

A team with faith, willpower, competency and vision is needed to solve these problems. A  team which understands that the government should be strong and effective in order to [be able to] protect from outside enemies, not to let crime rise and protect citizens from aggressors, but at the same time to understand that government and state should be small, with restrictions, so that it doesn’t turn into a danger itself for the people, free economy and for personal liberty.

In order to solve these problems, a kind of team is needed which realises that whatever the leader demands or whatever his whim is isn’t the most important, as it is today unfortunately [with Mikhaeil Saakashvili], but the most important are your own political principles.

A team is needed which deeply believes that the country should be governed by the constitution and by the people, not from Ivanishvili's castle. Only this kind of team will be able to move our country forward and protect liberty. With our deep faith, such a team is presented now in front of you.

Member of the parliamentary minority, Giga Bokeria at a special briefing at which the now former members of the UNM announced their intentions to form a new political party
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