McCain: Vladimir Putin is a Murderer, Thug and Product of the KGB

I believe that Vladimir Putin is a murderer and a thug and he is a product of the KGB and he will take whatever advantage that he can. I have now seen three presidents: President Bush, President Clinton and President Obama, who all believed that they could have a new relationship with Vladimir Putin.

They praised him. George W. Bush said, ‘I looked into his eyes and saw his soul’ and of course with the Obama campaign the reset button that was under the Obama Presidency. . .What we have to understand is what Vladimir Putin is and so we have to go back to the days of Ronald Reagan. Peace through strength, the only thing that Vladimir Putin understands is strength, that for his aggression the price is higher than what he might gain from it.

US Senator, John McCain on Vladimir Putin during an interview with Deutsche Welle English.
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