Bokeria: Absolute Leaders Do Not Exist

What makes us different from Mikheil Saakashvili and from opportunists such as Nika Melia, is our attitude towards the elections, our attitude towards entering the parliament and in general, our vision of how the party should be managed. If the leader says one thing today and a second tomorrow and he’s right in both cases - such an attitude was and is unacceptable. We need a team, which will not simply follow the leader’s orders but which works on political principles. The attitude that someone is a ‘loser’ without [the support of] a leader is wrong. There are no absolute leaders.

I have to touch upon one more difference, which is connected to the future even though it concerns the past. This is the assessment of our past. We’ve been hearing this phrase from Mikheil Saakashvili constantly that we’ve been deprecating ourselves. What he meant was our criticism of some aspects of UNM’s rule during its time in office. I consider this a key issue, because we should offer people a clear plan, taking into account what kind of a catastrophe Ivanishvili created. This plan should also include what we couldn’t do during our governance as it was supposed to be and in addition to that [it should also include] what we did wrong. I’m not pointing out on anyone, I mean myself. These are major differences.

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