President Spokesperson: Questioning ECHR Decision is a Blow to Georgia’s European Future

Georgia’s European way and European future is irreversible. Georgia made a decision a long time ago regarding the European standard, and Russian standard. In 1999 we unconditionally joined the European Human Rights Convention, by which we stated that we are ready to defend European values. With this decision we’ve affirmed the supremacy of the European Court and we took the responsibility to implement all the articles of the convention. Questioning the decision made by the ECHR in this context is a blow to Georgia’s European Future. Throughout Georgia’s independence, none of the governments have doubted implementing the decisions of the ECHR. Thus, the President thinks that Georgia should defend its responsibility, and not get off the European road, and not say ‘no’ to Euro Integration.

President’s Spokesperson Eka Mishveladze regarding the ECHR decision to suspend the implementation of the Supreme Court of Georgia’s ruling regarding the ownership of Rustavi 2.
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