Bakradze on Secret Surveillance Law: Georgian Dream Alone in Legitimizing Unlawfulness

Today, the Georgian Dream adopted a law which the entire spectre of the opposition is against, all the political parties, the President, NGOs, and the Constitutional Court. The Georgian Dream is alone in legitimizing this unlawfulness, and takes huge responsibility for all the consequences that this ugly surveillance system will have. That is why the main topic of the parliamentary debate today was to show how alone the Georgian Dream is and how the government of this country is going against its society.

Leader of the Movement for Liberty - European Georgia party, Davit Bakradze, speaking on the law on secret surveillance. President Margvelashvili vetoed the legislative package on March 20th. Parliament’s Legal Issues Committee then disregarded the official remakrs of President on March 21. Legislative package on secret surveillance proposes to create a Operative-Technical Agency of Georgia, which would be under the governance of the State Security Service.
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