Kaladze on R2 Case: There was Indirect Political Pressure on ECHR

Taking into account the statements which were being made around this case [Rustavi 2 case] they could be counted as pressure [on ECHR]. If we take a look at the chronology in regards to the cases of pressure they all started from local judges, such facts exist, when there were even verbal insults... then NGOs sent letters. All this can be asserted as an indirect form of pressure.

Minister of Energy and Vice Prime Minister of Georgia, Kakha Kaladze on the question of whether there was pressure on the ECHR in connection with the Rustavi 2 Case from the side of the President of Georgia, political forces and NGOs. On March 2nd, ECHR made the decision to suspend the implementation of the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding the ownership of Rustavi 2.
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