Bokeria: Abolishing the Economic Liberty Act Would Worsen Economic Situation

Our government increased the tax on gasoline, which was a painful blow to all citizens. Now it seems they want to raise basic taxes… They want to abolish the limits which forbid them from taking more money from our pockets without asking. Through these means they will worsen the [living] conditions of our citizens and then they will waste this money on their own relatives, friends, and subversive programs which they have in abundance.

Someone from [former Prime Minister] Ivanishvili’s party needs to provide us with an answer - even if just one sentence - about why they are against asking the people when they raise the question of increasing taxes.

Chairman of the Political Council of Movement for Liberty - European Georgia on the Economic Liberty Act. In 2010, Parliament passed Article 94 of the Georgian Constitution which requires a referendum in order to increase taxes (excluding excise taxes) or introduce new tax laws. In order to further outline this process, the organic law, the Economic Liberty Act, was created. This legislative standard is a guarantee that the government will not raise taxes without the consent of the population. On June 5th, Parliamentary Chairman Irakli Kobakhidze announced that discussions will be held concerning whether to completely abolish the act or include it in the reformed constitution.
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