President: I Am Proud to See Georgian and American Forces Standing Together

I am proud to see Georgian and American forces standing together on Georgian soil for the welfare and prosperity of our nations.

You stand in arms for our values and dignity. You stand shoulder to shoulder for our security.

You stand together for the liberty of our people. That is why you are Noble and your Partnership is vital for our common welfare. . .

At this very moment, some dozen kilometers away, barbed wire fences are being installed which prohibit the citizens of my country to move freely in their homeland.

Just a few kilometers away, people are being persecuted only because they are Georgians. 20% of my country is occupied because Georgia has decided to be a free and independent nation. This continues for more than a quarter century. The response of the international community appeared not to be enough to stop Russia’s policy to treat its neighborhood as its backyard. This policy has no limits unless we stop it.

The de-occupation of Georgian territories must become a game-changer for ending the confrontation paradigm and spheres of privileged interests. . .

Dear Mr. Vice-President, your visit today is a strong signal for our strategic partnership! Let me thank you for your strong support of our statehood, democratic development, sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as our European and Euro-Atlantic aspiration. I am confident that your visit will further enhance close ties between our countries. Strength is in Unity – states the Coat of Arms of Georgia!

I do believe that by unity, by expanding the Noble Partnership in various dimensions such as strengthening democracy and state institutions, economic relations, humanitarian, educational, cultural and people-to-people contacts, will bring further benefits to our countries, as well as to the entire Euro-Atlantic area.

I am confident that intensive partnership and joint efforts will succeed to create a better and more secure future for the generations to come!

God bless our brave soldiers and our countries.

Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili delivered a speech at to the Noble Partner 2017 military training before U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and Georgian and American militaries at the Mixed Air Base of Georgia on August 1.
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