US Ambassador Kelly says he requested additional assistance from US for Borjomi fire

I’ve been in close contact with senior officials from this government starting last night, late last night, continuing into today. We understand that the fire is extremely worrisome, extremely difficult. We know that hundreds of Georgian firefighters are in harm’s way.

We, as Georgia’s partner, would like to support your efforts, and so I’ve requested from the U.S. Government additional assistance. We’ve been in touch with both U.S. military, the European Command in Germany, and with the U.S. Agency for International Development, and I think the key will be to see where we can provide additional assistance. I know that other countries have also stepped up. Countries that are close-by have been able to provide some immediate response equipment to extinguish the fire and we’ll be in close contact with the government to see where we can also give assistance.

And, again, our thoughts and prayers go to the brave firefighters who are fighting this fire in a very beautiful area of Georgia, one of my favorite areas, Borjomi.

US Ambassador to Georgia Ian Kelly speaking about the possibility of U.S. assistance to extinguish the forest fire in Borjomi which started in the afternoon of August 20. More than 500 firefighters, 100 forest guards, 500 employees of the MIA’s Special Tasks Department and three helicopters are at the scene now still trying to put out the fire.
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