Tbilisi Mayoral Candidate: We’ll Turn Tbilisi into a Blockchain and Solar Energy City

We are planning to collaborate with Elon Musk [CEO of Tesla] in order to build a blockchain city, and have Tbilisi as the first city working on solar energy.

The terms that we should all remember: bitcoin, blockchain, fourth industrial revolution, ICO [initial coin offering]… This is not a lecture, I am telling voters to remember these terms if we want to achieve success. This is an opportunity for development.

It was really hard to use the word ‘innovation’ in Georgia and I was actually one of the first ones to start using this term. Today it’s an easy term to use it - and so ICO will be [easy to use] tomorrow.

Giorgi Vashadze, New Georgia party’s candidate for Tbilisi mayor, speaking with Rustavi 2 TV about his plans if he is elected in the October local self-government elections.
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