Independent Member Aleko Elisashvili says he is Leaving Tbilisi City Assembly

I’m announcing openly and publicly that I am leaving Tbilisi City Assembly. I will write the notice about it on Monday [October 2], and I am encouraging all my colleagues to leave. I am also encouraging opposition members of the Assembly to leave. Since yesterday [the City Assembly’s decision on September 29 to give lands to a company owned by former Prime Minister Ivanishvili], we just don’t have the right to enter that room.

Aleko Elisashvili, an independent Member of Tbilisi City Assembly and independent mayoral candidate for Tbilisi in the upcoming October local self-government elections 2017, speaking to Rustavi 2 TV on September 30. On September 29, despite protest from the opposition, Tbilisi City Assembly voted to pass 1,900 square meters of land around Pushkin Square in central Tbilisi to Ivanishvili’s company Old City Development, for the symbolic price of 1 Georgian Lari (GEL).
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