Tbilisi Mayor Candidate Khoshtaria: People are Starving and Billionaires Get Lands for One Lari

We will not let anyone seize our lands for Laris and pennies in such an impudent and brazen manner. They are walking well dressed, while citizens are living in poverty and in hunger, whereas billionaires are taking away our lands for one Lari. This will not continue... We all are telling them that this will not happen in Tbilisi anymore!

I understand people are disappointed, some may think that there is no point in protesting, that if they force us to leave the hearing room, they can get away with this [protesting opposition politicians were kicked out of a Tbilisi City Assembly hearing on September 29].

But no, they will not get away with this! No special ops officer, no misguided policeman, no billionaire and no oppressors will be able to stop our protest, because we are right. We fight for ideas, we don’t fight for money.

Elene Khoshtaria, the Movement for Liberty - European Georgia candidate for Tbilisi mayor, speaking at a protest on October 1. The protest was against Tbilisi City Assembly’s vote to pass 1,900 square meters of land around Pushkin Square in central Tbilisi to the company Old City Development, owned by former Prime Minister and founder of the Georgian Dream party, Bidzina Ivanishvili, for the symbolic price of 1 Georgian Lari (GEL).
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