Patriarch’s Secretary: A Lot Needs to be Done to Restore the Image of the Church

We should stop talking about the cyanide case. We’ve been talking about this for the whole year and have wasted a lot of energy and time. We have a lot to do in order to restore the image that the Church had, and unfortunately today we face conditions which tremor this image. We have to somehow restore the image and society’s trust

Patriarch Ilia II’s secretary Father Botkoveli spoke on October 6 after Giorgi Mamaladze’s lawyers were questioned by the Prosecutor's Office. Mamaladze was a high-ranking clergymen in the Georgian Orthodox Church who was arrested in February 2017 and found with cyanide in his suitcase, with alleged to poison a secretary and advisor of the Patriarch, in a case which was dubbed the ‘Cyanide case.’ Mamaladze was found guilty in September 2017 of plotting to murder and sentenced to nine years in prison.
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