Margvelashvili in Poland: We are Connected by Our Strategic Goals and the Pain of the Past

We saw, probably, the strongest support from Poland when Georgia was attacked by the neighboring nuclear state, and our friends stood by our side. We will never forget those moments when we suffered the most; we will never forget those people who could have spent a safe time in their own homelands, instead of being in bombed Tbilisi; those people who were driven only by humanity and human values to take these bold steps. Thus we are connected not only by our strategic goals, but the pain which generations went through just a couple of years ago, and the friendship that we saw in these difficult moments.

Mr. President, we are similar as we both value liberty; we are similar because we know that protection of this liberty requires blood, and we have both experienced it. I am happy that all these emotions are translated into politics in the context of our friendship.

President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili during his speech at an official lunch held in Warsaw on November 8, held in honour of President Margvelashvili. Margvelashvili started his official visit to Poland on November 7 to attend the Warsaw Security Forum on November 9
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