President Margvelashvili: Femicide is a Problem of our Entire Society

Issues related to femicide do not reflect a specific criminal case; we should realize that femicide is a problem of our entire society.

Many problems can be prevented by adopting legislative amendments or carrying out new policies; however, today I would like to address the Georgian society – you play a crucial role in preventing violence against women. The way we, citizens of this country, react to every single case of violence against women is decisive.

Your response to violence that takes place in your neighborhood; your attitude towards women that defend their own rights; your reaction to incidents of gruesome violence; all these determine the fate of future crimes and cases of oppression.

We need to eradicate any form of understanding and compassion [for the perpetrators of violence] that are frequently heard while judging violence against women.

President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili speaking about femicide at the international conference in Tbilisi, Femicide Cases Monitoring Tools and Mechanisms, organized with the support of the Public Defender of Georgia and UN Women Georgia.
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