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Malcolm McDowell: The Luckiest Hooligan

Tbilisi. Rustaveli Street.Café Parnas. Noon.- Are you shooting a movie?- Yep. - Wait a minute…Who is that guy sitting at the table? His face seems very familiar…- Malcolm McDowell.- Who?- The one who stars in A Clockwork Orange.- Ah, yes… I remember… That was the movie that film critic Gogi Gvakharia showed on his TV program, wasn’t it? Who is Malcolm McDowell...

Kim Ki-duk on Cinema, Love and Sorrow

Kim Ki-duk, one of the world’s leading film directors, did not start shooting films until the age of 36. Even though he never studied cinematography as a profession, the fifteen cinematic works he has created in the past thirteen years have received awards at Berlin, Venice, Karlovy Vary, Locarno and Cannes film festivals. His enigmatic characters evoke profound...

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