2016 Parliamentary Elections

Politicians Respond to the Civil Society Statement

Photo: ტაბულა

Several politicians from both the ruling and opposition parties have responded to the statement issued by the civil society representatives today. The statement called on pro-western political parties to support the opposition in runoff elections so as to prevent the Georgian Dream from gaining a constitutional majority. The group claimed that this would seriously hinder the democratic processes of the country.

Leader of NPC Girchi, Zurab Japaridze reacted to a statement by saying that he’s planning to go to the elections and vote against constitutional majority: “The runoffs will be a choice not between certain parties, but against a constitutional majority. That’s why, in my opinion, each citizen should go to the elections and vote against one party having a constitutional majority in the Parliament of Georgia. This is the choice... I’m plan to go to the elections and vote against a constitutional majority.”

On the other hand executive Secretary of the Georgian Dream, Irakli Kobakhidze, has commented on the statement, claiming that the campaign against his party obtaining a constitutional majority has been organised by the United National Movement: “This is a cheap pre-planned campaign by the United National Movement, which has been implemented by Rustavi 2 and people affiliated with this campaign claim to be affiliated with civil society. In reality, the campaign has no basis. On the contrary, we’ve proved that for the past four years that all we want to do is take the country further towards democratic development. This was proved by our first Prime Minister, Bidzina Ivanishvili, who reduced the responsibilities of the Prime Minister in 2013. You probably remember what kind of legacy Saakashvili left us, with a constitution that was suited to him. We have once again proved that we only want to advance the constitution and our main task is to ensure sustainable democratic development”.

Leader of New Georgia, Giorgi Vashadze also reacted to a statement: “A constitutional majority is already a fact and it is a threat for the country and for the Georgian Dream. However, I’m not planning to support the United National Movement, as I don’t see the point. Nowadays, leaders, including the UNM’s leaders, have done everything they can so that the Georgian Dream would get a constitutional majority”

Executive Secretary of Free Democrats, Tamar Kekenade said that “a constitutional majority in the hands of one party is indeed threatening, especially when  other institutions are not able to balance it out. However, we’re still not encouraging our voters to support the United National Movement for one simple reason - our voters have a firm position against both the Georgian Dream and the UNM.”

The Central Electoral Commission has announced that a second round of voting due to take place in 50 majoritarian districts will likely take place on October 30th. Eighteen of the 50 districts are in Tbilisi.

In most districts, the runoff votes will be between candidates from the Georgian Dream and the United National Movement.


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