2016 Parliamentary Elections

R2 Claims Georgian Dream Representatives are Making Lists of Voters

Photo: რუსთავი 2

Rustavi 2 has reported that representatives of the Georgian Dream in Tskneti are making lists of voters’ names and that two individuals in a car were overheard talking whether or not they would get bonuses if they brought in more than 75 voters.

In a video broadcast by Rustavi 2, one of the people in the car can be overheard saying to the other, “If we don’t have 75, there won’t be a bonus?”.

The person continues, “We’re planning to have fun and we’re collecting money… whoever passes by we should put them down on our list that they’re ours… We live on this street and we’re the parishioners of the church... I’m a representative of the Georgian Dream, I’ll enter and exit the ballot station if I want to… I’m not marking anything, why would I care, I know myself, who’s ours”.


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