5 Bookstores in Tbilisi for International Bookworms

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As an international bookworm, living abroad might be hard in some places. Many expats have the need to find the right book either for research or for their personal pleasure. If you’re an expat living in Georgia and you’re searching for books in English or other foreign languages, then this is the list for you. Fortunately, several bookstores in Tbilisi offer a diverse range of books in English.

Check out these 5 places:

1. Prospero's Books & Caliban's Coffeehouse (34, Rustaveli Avenue)
Prospero’s Bookstore has probably one of the biggest collection of English books in Tbilisi. Together with classic literature, here you can also find recent bestsellers and movie tie-in books, however the prices might be a bit more expensive compared to the rest bookstores. Prospero’s also offers readers the option of ordering specific book for free.  Once it arrives, you’ll be notified via phone. Readers can also enjoy the cozy atmosphere at the coffeehouse right next to it.

Prospero's Books Photo: Prospero's Books / https://www.prosperosbookshop.com/


2. English Book in Georgia (14, Chavchavadze Avenue)

English Book in Georgia aka Online Bookshop is one of few bookstores in Tbilisi which offers delivery service. Its website offers customers the ability to select and purchase the books they want and then either pick them up on Chavchavadze Avenue or use the delivery service which generally costs less than 5 Georgian Lari. All Harry Potter fans might want to take a look at their website.

English Book in Georgia Photo: English Book in Georgia logo / https://twitter.com/englishbookgeor


3. Parnasi (22, Chavchavadze Avenue)

Located very close to English Book in Georgia, Parnasi is the place where you can find the most recent best seller books and a wide collections of authors, which sometimes may be very hard to find elsewhere. Both classic and movie tie-in books can be found in this bookstore at quite a reasonable price.

Photo: Parnassus Books

4.  Biblus Gallery (7, Chavchavadze Avenue)

Biblus is a wide chain of bookstores of Tbilisi and Georgia, however, the one on Chavchavadze Avenue offers a wide range of books not only in English, but also in Russian and other languages. Here, you may find books in English for as little as 4 lari. In Biblus you may also find the books on the history and geography of Georgia and the Caucasus.

Biblus Gallery Photo: Biblus Gallery / http://fortuna.ge/biblusi-galereashi-saqvelmoqmedo-gamofena-gayidva-gaimarteba/

5. Santa Esperanza (12, Saint Petersburg Street)

If Vake or Mtatsminda districts aren’t that accessible for you, then perhaps you might want to go to Santa Esperanza located near the newly opened “New Tbilisi” on Agmashenebeli Avenue. In addition to classics, the bookstore also offers several options for younger readers.

Santa Esperanza Photo: Santa Esperanza / http://pinpoint.ge/en/bo/10996_santa-esperanza


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