Tbilisi Open Air 2017

Tbilisi Open Air 2017 Line-Up - Anathema, Leningrad, Archive


Annual music festival Tbilisi Open Air will be held from 16 - 18 June inclusive in 2017. Headline artists are Anathema, Leningrad and Archive. The festival will take place near Lisi Lake territory.

Old Georgian band Soft Eject will also perform at the festival.

Tickets will be available for purchase beginning tomorrow. The first 1500 tickets with three day passes will be on sale from April 12 - 28. Anyone who has a TBC Bank card can receive 20% cashback and will be available to purchase tickets for 100 GEL.

The price of three day pass will rise twice and the cost of it will eventually be 150 GEL. One day tickets will be on sale from 29th April.


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