Lasha Talakhadze

Weightlifter Lasha Talakhadze Sets New Unofficial World Record

ლაშა ტალახაძე Photo: Olympic Games Rio 2016

Georgian Olympic Champion Lasha Talakhadze set a new world record in Olympic weightlifting yesterday.

During the Georgian Nationals at the Dusheti House of Culture, Talakhadze broke his own world record by snatching 220kg.

Moreover, Talakhadze clean & jerked 254kg bringing to a total of 474kg, another world record, passing his previous record of 473kg.

The lift will not count as an official World Record because it wasn’t executed in an international competition.

Talakhadze has less than one month to make a run for a new official record at the 2017 World Weightlifting Championship in Anaheim, California.

The 24-year-old weightlifter has already built an outstanding career in the sport. He is an Olympic, World, and European Champion in the superweight class. Moreover, he is the World Record holder in the ‘snatch’ for several consecutive years.


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