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Georgian Sumo Wrestler Wins Emperor’s Cup in Japan

Photo: Taichai

Georgian sumoist Levan Gorgadze, also known as Toshinochin, won the Emperor’s Cup on January 27, in Japan. He is the first Georgian to ever win the famous sumo tournament. It is only the third time that a European sumo wrestler has won the Emperor’s Cup.

The previous European sumo wrestlers who won the Emperor’s Cup include Bulgarian Kotoshu Katsunori’s victory in 2008, and Estonian Baruto Kaito in 2012.

Toshinochin won in 13 battles out of 14 in this tournament. He still has another battle, however whether he wins or not will not affect the final result.

Once the tournament is over, Toshinochin’s rank will be upgraded. Toshinochin is now maegashira, the title for wrestlers in the top division of sumo - Makuuchi division. He might receive the rank of ‘sekiwake’ or ‘yokozuna’, which are the champions at the top of the Makuuchi divisions.

Gorgadze started his sumo career in 2006 at the age of 18.


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