Drug Policies

Parliament to Adopt Draft Law on Drug Policies at Spring Session

Photo: პარლამენტი

A draft law on drug policy in Georgia will be adopted by the Parliament of Georgia during the spring session, Chairman of Parliament Irakli Kobakhidze said in a statement published by the press service of the Parliament of Georgia.

The statement comes after an 8-year prison sentence was given last week to a popular actor in Georgia for drug possession. High-profile drug cases have caused wide public outrage about the country’s draconian drug policies.

What exactly will be included in the bill is not known yet. Kobakhidze says the different positions on the issue are not reconciled yet.

"During the spring session, we shall necessarily adopt the bill to finally end discussions among society related to drug policy. The positions shall be reconciled. We still have dissent within the team… However, today I can reiterate that neither parties – I mean supporters of more liberal approaches and less liberal approaches – provided any good arguments. There are some superficial discussions but we need deeper consideration to simplify decision-making on drug policy,” Kobakhidze said.


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