Press Conference

PM on Government's "Improved" International Image


Georgian Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili stressed the "positive attitude" of the international community towards Georgia's new government. Speaking at a press conference on 14 May, Ivanishvili said his team no longer needs to explain "who we are and what we came [to power] for."

"It took us half a year to overcome the lie that the National Movement and its leaders were spreading in Europe and America," he said, "they [international community] managed to see the real face and the strategy of our team." The Georgian PM attributed the 'improvement' of the new government's international image to the 'good work' of the diplomatic corps and the foreign visits of the Georgian government officials.

"The President has been hindering the normal functioning of the Foreign Ministry by all means," Ivanishvili told journalists, "however, we no more need to be in the regime of justifying ourselves. The international community is aware of our strategy and our visions," he said.


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