17 May conclusion

Rally held against draft conclusion on 17 May violence


Civil society members gathered in Tbilisi on 20 June to protest a draft conclusion of the Human Rights Parliamentary Committee on the violence of 17 May, when anti-gay demonstrators thwarted gay-rights rally in the Georgian capital. The participants of the rally state that the doubts cast by the Committee on the authenticity of the signatures attached to the petition of the citizens demanding the Parliament to look into the violence of 17 May are "cynical". Part of the demonstrators arrived at the venue with the numbers of their signatures on the petition.
"This rally is directed against the cynicism which Eka Beselia and her Committee have been showing. They have spread false information on 17 May events, saying that the rally was aimed at propaganda. The word propaganda is not defined by constitution at all," the participants of the rally said.
Deputy Chairman of the Human Rights Committee, Gedevan Popkhadze met the demonstrators outside Radisson Hotel. He told journalists that the demonstrators will be able to openly state their point of view at a meeting on 21 June. "I want to remind you that it is not a final version, it is a draft conclusion so far," Popkhadze said.
Chairman of the Human Rights Committee, Eka Beselia also spoke to reporters about the draft conclusion, saying that a working document has been drafted by the Committee and that the MPs are working on the final version of the conclusion. "Overall, we condemn the violence of 17 May. Violence is a crime no matter who commits it and no matter against whom it is directed. There should be a reaction over the incident and due investigation should be carried out. This is the recommendation of the Committee," Beselia said.


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