Ex-PM on his new role: I will try to increase this influence

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Former Prime Minister of Georgia, Bidzina Ivanishvili said in his farewell letter published on 21 November that he will influence the government as a citizen and a member of the society, adding that a citizen's and a society's influence on the government is a sign of democracy.

"From now on I will be an active member of the society, my activities will be absolutely transparent and, of course, I will have certain influence too. I do not consider this influence as shameful; on the contrary, I will try to increase it. How can you be an active member of a civil society otherwise?," the ex-PM wrote "society's influence on a state is of great importance, and, first of all, is a sign of a healthy political system, i.e. of democracy, as this influence envisages government's accountability to the society. Overall, a society is a unity of active citizens and individuals. Naturally a person with a high public trust will have a high influence on politics. And if this person is a former politician, as in my case, then this rule does not apply?! Or something that is regarded as absolutely normal in democratic states should be considered as something dangerous only in Georgia?!" it continues.

"Human rights, European values, Euro-Atlantic aspirations, strategic partnership with USA, regulating relations with our neighbours, inclduing Russia are my values, and if anyone is against them, they should be very nervous, because, yes, I will make an influence in this direction," Ivanishvili wrote in his farewell letter.


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