Citizen of Georgia found dead at Maidan Square in Kiev

A protest rally in the Maidan in Kiev Photo: GENYA SAVILOV / AFP

A citizen of Georgia was found dead in Kiev on 18 February. Georgia's Ambassador to Ukraine, Mikheil Ukleba confirmed the information to the Georgian Public Broadcaster. According to GPB, the deceased person is a 54-year-old Zurab Khurtsia. The staff of the Georgian consulate are currently at the police station where Khurtsia's body was placed, Ukleba told GPB.

"He was found near Maidan, on Institutskaya street. According to the police, there are no signs of violence, however the case should be studied. The investigation will be launched and we will have the complete information afterwards," the Ambassador of Georgia said, adding that the family of the deceased citizen of Georgia has been already informed.


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