Usupashvili: We want better Constitution


Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia, Head of the State Constitutional Commission, Davit Usupashvili met the members of the Venice Commission Delegation in Tbilisi on 22 May. Speaking to journalists after the meeting, Usupashvili said "we want a better Constitution, better in the sense that the citizens of Georgia understand it better."

"The State Constitutional Commission has started its activities. 5 work groups have been composed, and several work meetings have been held. At this stage we have planned to hear the opinions of the members of the commission, and of all interested persons. The Venice Commission delegation, which is involved in the constitutional process, arrived today. The heads of the Venice Commission, the experts will work with us. This is the first meeting when the work groups, its members and the heads will present to the experts of the Venice Commission the lists that have been created in these work groups," Usupashvili said after the closed door meeting with the Venice Commission experts.

According to Usupashvili, the State Constitutional Commission will carry on its activities by the end of the year, however the groups will stop working during the upcoming 3-4 weeks, due to the approaching elections. The work groups will resume their activities by the second half of June.

The Venice Commission delegation, headed by the Chairman of the Commission Thomas Markert arrived to Tbilisi on Thursday. The aim of the visit is to study the work of the State Constitutional Commission.


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