Ukrainian military capture so called South Ossetian Defence Minister aide

ტამერლან ენალდიევი Photo: Screenshot / TSN

According to the Ukrainian TV channel TCH, a battalion of volunteers participating in an anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine captured Tamerlan Enaldiev, the aide of the so called South Ossetian Defence Minister. Ukrainian media reported that Enaldiev was armed during detention and had the documents of purchasing expensive medicines for the illegal armed forces. Enaldiev has stated he did not participate in military actions against the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.

According to the head of the Ukrainian battalion, Sergey Melnichuk, the possibility of exchanging Enaldiev for the Ukrainian pilot Nadejda Savchenko who has been captured by the terrorists is being discussed. At the moment, Savchenko is at the preliminary detention isolator in Voronezh. TCH reported that in frames of the anti-terrorist operation the Ukrainian military have captured 35 citizens of Russia.


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